About OnePlus

OnePlus is a Technology company that excels in making smartphones and damn they make awesome ones.

OnePlus started out in 2014 with the release on OnePlus One. A phone made for the Android enthusiast out there and it received much love from the community. There on the flame of OnePlus just spread like wild-fire.

OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 3T

So why OnePlus? What are they actually doing right?

TLDR: Everything.

OK now if you are still with me, let’s dig into more details.

OnePlus One

The first baby of OnePlus and for me it’s always the most special. It was the perfect amalgamation of OnePlus’s awesome approach to phone design be it looks or the specs inside and Cyanogen’s customizable near stock Android operating system. Well things didn’t go well between the two later on and specifically for Cyanogen which is now known as Lineage OS, but that’s a complete different story for some other time.

OnePlus an unknown smart phone company promised to deliver a smart phone with flagship specs at not a flagship price.


OnePlus One

It seemed almost impossible on how they can pull of such an act, but they did it and rest is history. OnePlus One was launched as a direct competitor to Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone 5s etc but at half their price. Even the specs were better in some cases.

Then comes the software, Cyanogen OS offered an almost stock android with added features of customization that did not shout in the users face. It was pretty sweet alternative to stock android. Moreover being near stock it had the advantage of getting updated very fast and easily. The Cyanogen community was very active and extremely developer friendly which appealed to a lot of users and was considered the True Android experience by a large.

Price was the major reason that lead to the success of OnePlus . But things didn’t go well between Cyanogen and OnePlus and hence OnePlus launched it’s own fork of android Oxygen OS (more on that on some other day).

OnePlus proved that it’s not necessary for flagship phone to have flagship price. A similar and in some cases better experience can be achieved at a much cheaper price. OnePlus showed the world that there are brands other than Samsung and Apple which can build excellent phones. And that was a very big statement to make and much bigger to prove and support overtime.

OnePlus 2 and X

This was probably the worst thing OnePlus did in its time. It had a lot of improvements over the first like better build quality, better camera, bigger battery but still the phone lacked some major features like NFC and did not have the famous Cyanogen in it. In fact it came with an unpolished version of Oxygen OS which was trying hard to imitate Cyanogen.

Despite it’s release OnePlus One was still the phone enthusiast wanted. OnePlus did many things right but could not repeat the success with the One.

And OnePlus X, well let’s just not talk about it for now.

This year was a little rough for them. In no way they made a bad smart phone but they failed to match the high expectation they had set for everyone out there.

OnePlus 3 and 3T

Dude that’s a comeback!!!

Design? An all metal design, which looks hell sleek and classy. No bells and whistles here and there just pure industrial design. A single seamless slab of Aluminum.

Specs?Top of line for 2016. Snapdragon 820, Full HD Amoled display, Fingerprint scanner, 16MP camera, 64Gigs of base storage and a whooping 6Gigs of ram. Seriously dude 6 Gigs!!

OS? Extremely polished version of Oxygen OS on top of Android Marshmallow. Felt the fastest android phone at the launch time (then came the pixel and OnePlus shifted to 2nd). Very subtle but useful tweaks throughout the OS like switching between off-screen and on-screen buttons. theming, gestures etc.

Dash Charging The fastest charging phone till date. Nothing more to say here.

Price? No more invite system. It’s gets even sweeter here. Galaxy S6, iPhone 7, LG G5, HTC all were in the price bracket above 650 US Dollars. And OnePlus launched their phone at 349 US dollars. Half the price with specs to match any flagship at that point of time.


And that’s not all, they even launched an upgraded model of the 3 known as 3T. It had few minor upgrades like the SoC got upgraded to 821, 16MP front camera and a 3400mAh battery to compliment it all.

OnePlus 3 immediately repeated the huge success on the One. It was like the enthusiast were just waiting for this very phone. And not only enthusiast, even the not so tech guys were buying it for its value of money, stunning performance and breath-taking design.

So what is that OnePlus doing right?

Continuously evolving product

Listening to the needs of the users. All the mistakes they did the Two, were addressed in the 3/3T.

Timely updates

If you have bought a OnePlus phone you will never feel left out. They have been very good in delivering updates to their phones ASAP. And even if your phone is out of their support the extremely friendly community will take in your phone and you can expect a year of updates more on your phone. Sure other companies also get updates by community edition OS but the sheer size for OnePlus community just takes the deal.

Awesome marketing

Collaboration with MKBHD (one of the best tech YouTuber and followed by millions of people) and DBrand (another next generation brand for providing awesome looking/fitting skins at an awesome price) and like gave away 100 odd smartphones to the users.

Launching limited edition phones in Dope colors like the Matte Black.

Their advertisements actually compare their phone with others to prove why they are better. That’s marketing! Unlike Samsung which just tries to pull Apple off in its commercials. If you are better prove it.

Best value for money product

It’s hard to earn money and if there is a phone out there that does everything a 650+ $ phone can do at half the price, why won’t you buy it?

So is it the Perfect smart phone company?

It has a long way to go but it has the potential to become one .

There are some things that’ lacking like the camera performance. But the way they are improving their quality it’s not far away when their cameras would be in the line of Apple’s and Samsung’s.

They still has to improve on the support and stores they offer in different countries. They are new and surely they can improve on this point. It’s just a matter on time.

And seriously I couldn’t find anything else that’s wrong with it.


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