Apple Inc. recorded 92% of the total operating income from the world’s eight top smartphone makers in the first quarter of 2016. All of it was from the iPhone.

This made me thinking, with so much marketing against Apple on social media, TV commercials, YouTube tech channels, how come this record breaking profit came into Apple’s bag.

Even I to some extent consider Apple to be limiting in features, blocking users to geek around with their phones as they can do on Android.

But the truth is not everybody wants to geek around.

Yes! Sure we geeks follow all the latest tech news, all the latest features, all the deficiencies in the iOS platform, but we are not the majority users. Most of the users don’t care about gee

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

king around with their phone, they just want their phone to work. That’s it.

Most of the users want their phone to work consistently, work the same every time even after years, looks and feel good, and has an excellent support when needed.

That’s where Apple gets them. The quality Apple has maintained with their mobile operating system and well as their hardware is commendable. The iPhone 5 which came out in 2012 still runs the latest iOS, with all the features supported by it’s hardware and is one of the best designed smartphone till date. That is something an Android phone can only dream of at least in the software update point of things. Moreover most of the users don’t care about the updates (like I mentioned earlier) but what they care is they have the same experience, like everyone else they know on the same platform, they don’t feel outdated, left out, ignored by the company they spend loads of money on.

The Nexus lineup was something in the lines of iPhone, but sadly it became a developer oriented phone, rather than consumer oriented. Well things may change now, since the Google Pixel is here, which is following the footsteps of Apple in a more direct way however I think it needs a year or two to mature, you can read more about it here.

Sure Apple doesn’t do everything right, but they do the right things right! Sure we can’t root out iOS devices, install a custom ROM, custom launcher etc etc. But think about it whether your mom, dad or others around you actually need it?

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Aditya Verma

Aditya Verma is a Tech Geek at heart hence a Software Engineer by profession. When not glued to one of his screens he likes to spend time reading, eating out and chilling. Also a sapiosexual.

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