Google Pixel

Google Pixel

Google killed it’s Nexus lineup and from it’s ashes like a phoenix emerged the Google Pixel. The unofficial iPhone killer from Google.

Google built an awesome phone (well technically HTC manufactured it, but all the engineering/design was of Google’s anyway) but it still falls short in some areas. It feels as if Google was in a hurry to release it and asked it’s engineers to just release an MVP product. Let’s list down a few shortcomings:

  • HUGE Bezels:

    well everyone is talking about this huge bezels on the front of the phone which serves no purpose. Well they are kind of right since HTC is the manufacturer of the phone. And HTC on it’s own is know for market best front firing speakers. Sure the iPhone has huge bezels too, but they serve a purpose of housing the fingerprint scanner. But nope, Google chose to leave the front bezels without any purpose.

  • No water resistance:

    It’s 2016, even the iPhone has water resistance now. Seriously no excuse for that.

  • Polarising Design:

    If you have been following the tech news you may have noticed the polarizing responses about the Pixel’s design choices. Sure design is subjective, but if you have a phone that is liked by all if not loved then it becomes more easy to recommend the phone to someone.

  • Video camera:

    Google has done a tremendous job with the camera. But the electronic stabilization causes a lot jitter and frame drops in the video. Going with OIS would have been a better approach.

  • Android Ecosystem:

    Android has a lot of apps, but still there are a large number of titles that remain iOS exclusive or they come early on iOS. This problem may not be for long because we now have the Pixel (a dedicated phone for Android) which will drive more developers to provide a better experience on Android.

These problems are not those which required certain level of innovation or something. Nope the solutions already exist out there even on phones much cheaper. There is no excuse for not having it on a phone which is supposed to be the Google best phone ever.

In no way the Google Pixel is a bad phone. It’s an awesome device.

But if you pin point then there are few things cause of which it just falls short.

That’s the reason you should be waiting for the second version of Pixel which will most probably address these problems and will be the perfect phone for most of the people.


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Aditya Verma

Aditya Verma is a Tech Geek at heart hence a Software Engineer by profession. When not glued to one of his screens he likes to spend time reading, eating out and chilling. Also a sapiosexual.

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